Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tempeh Hand Rolls

I can't believe it's only Wednesday! Is it just me or is this week going by super slowly?

Here's another tempeh recipe I came up with during last week's experiments. 

Tempeh Hand Rolls

When I was planning my tempeh meals, I really wanted to make summer rolls a la this yummy looking recipe from Blogilates. But for some reason, I couldn't find the normal spring roll wrappers I've used before at the closest grocery store, and was way too lazy to drive to my Asian grocery store of choice. Luckily, I was able to find one package of these soy wrappers stuffed next to the nori on the Harris Teeter shelf and so I decided to roll with it (pun intended).


Calories: 371 | Fat: 17 g | Cholest: 0 mg | Sodium: 948 mg | Carbs: 33 g | Fiber: 11 g | Sugars: 5 g | Protein: 19 g

1/4 cup cooked quinoa
2 sheets yamamotoyana sushi party wrappers
6 oz (about 1/2 the bag) broccoli slaw
9 Hi I'm Skinny Sticks

2 tsp braggs amino acids (or soy sauce)
1 tbsp black vinegar
4 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp chili garlic sauce
1/2 tbsp sesame oil

Slice the tempeh into thin slices and cut the soy wrappers in half.

Place one of the cut soy wrappers in your hand and spread 1/4 of the quinoa, 1/4 of the tempeh, and about a tablespoon of broccoli slaw on the wrapper.

Fold a corner of the wrap over the filling with your thumb and roll into a cone shape. (Yamamotoyama has good step by step directions for doing this here).

Secure with a toothpick. If you somehow get all your ingredients prepped before you find the soy wrapper directions online and discover you don't have any toothpicks in the house (not that that would ever happen to me), you can try to get creative by cutting carrots into toothpick-like shapes and trying to poke them through your wrappers. This is a little difficult, though, so you should probably just get some toothpicks.

Repeat steps for the remaining wraps. 

Mix together sauce ingredients. Spread a little bit of the sauce over the leftover broccoli slaw. Top with crumbled Hi I'm Skinny Sticks for crunch.

Arrange your rolls over the broccoli slaw salad and enjoy, dipping liberally in your sauce.

Despite not staying together as well/being as pretty as Blogilates' summer rolls (although some of that may have been due to my makeshift carrot 'toothpicks'), these hand rolls were pretty tasty. The nutty texture of the tempeh gives the roll substance and the broccoli slaw provides a nice crunch. Successfully rolling up all of the ingredients in the wrappers did take some fiddling, but I think it was worth it for the fun factor of eating them in a cute handheld package. All in all, not bad for a quick ingredient substitution.

For more fun with tempeh, check out my giant miracle noodle bowl.

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