Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More Winning! And It's Terrifying!

I won another blog contest! Woot! I love winning! But this time instead of a Reebok gift card I won a race entry from the great fitness blog Mindy's Fitness Journey. The only problem? It's for The Spartan Race, which is billed as the toughest and most brutal obstacle race out there. And I've never done an obstacle race before. In fact I have never done any race before. Ever. Unless you count field day. I'm pretty sure I remember rocking the potato sack race.

So why did I enter? Like I said, I really like winning, so I enter a lot of blog contests. Plus, I've been wanting to try signing up for a race to motivate me in my fitness goals. I may also have mostly done it to get an extra entry to the zombie run blog contest Mindy was running at the same time.

Even so, when I found out I won I was super excited (the whole obsessed with winning thing). But then I Googled Spartan Race training plans (like this one and this one), downloaded the official eBook and watched a bunch of race videos. And I was terrified.

In spite of my abject terror, I decided to use this awesome prize (worth over $100!) to motivate myself to be brave and sign up. But, because the free entry didn't have any time limits (thanks Spartan Race!) I copped out a little and signed up for one pretty far in the future.

So I am poop-in-your-pants-scared happy to announce that I am officially registered for the Spartan Sprint in Conyers Georgia on March 08, 2014. With the race over 6 months away, and now with the internets keeping me accountable, I hope to train hard enough to not die finish the race. I'll be posting updates about my efforts to prepare by doing things like running more than 3 miles without stopping and learning to do at least ONE pull up. Wish me luck!  


  1. The spartan race is pretty awesome. Don't let it intimidate you. If it's your first time then don't try to race a competitive time. Just focus on being able to complete the obstacles. I did my first one 3 weeks ago and it was a blast. Tough, but tonnes of fun.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Jonathan! I am definitely more worried about completing the obstacles so that I can just finish (don't know how many burpees I can do in a row lol) than having any time goal. What was the hardest obstacle in your race?