Wednesday, November 20, 2013

PRO Compression Marathon Socks Review

A couple weeks ago, I received a pair of PRO Compression socks of my choice in a FitFluential giveaway. I'd never tried compression socks before, but have heard a lot about them and was super excited to try them out, especially since I ran one 5K and am totally a runner now.

According to PRO Compression, their socks are "designed specifically to deliver both maximum comfort and speedy recovery times" with benefits such as "improved blood flow, stability and comfort". I picked the Marathon socks in Lime, which are PRO Compression's full length socks. To put them to the test, I tried them out a couple times during different workouts and recovery.

The first time I tried the socks was during a crazy late night volleyball tournament. If there's ever a time my legs could use a little extra endurance, a 4s volleyball tournament from 7 PM to 4:30 AM after I already played two flag football games would definitely qualify. Plus, the bright lime green socks go really well with my volleyball shoes :) 

Putting on the socks for the first time was a little weird. When I pulled them to what I felt like was their normal fit, they went up above my knees to the top of my thighs. Not a good look and not very comfortable. Adjusting them to hit below my knees looked better but it seemed like they could have been tighter. 

Maybe because of the fit, they twisted around in my shoes during the tournament and I had to adjust after every match to keep from getting blisters. Not sure if they helped my endurance or not, by the semi finals they were pretty tired, but at that point I'm not sure anything would have saved me. My quads and butt also tend to get much more tired than my calves during volleyball.

I also tried them out during one of my regular runs. The socks didn't shift at all, and the support felt great on my shins. The only issue I had was a little extra pressure on my achilles, which have been very tight while running. That workout was only a little more than 30 minutes versus 9 hours of volleyball, so I'm not sure if it was the sport or length that made a difference.

Finally, I wore the socks while recovering from a long volleyball tournament. The socks felt pretty good on my sore and tired legs, but I couldn't really tell if it made a difference. My quads and glutes also tend to be much more sore than my calves post-tournament, so not sure this type of sock is the best solution for me.


Support: I appreciated the extra support the socks offered, especially on my shins while running.
Comfort: Besides the achilles pressure issue, the socks were very comfortable. The material felt great and did a good job of wicking sweat, even after 9 hours of volleyball.
Quality: The material of the socks feels really high quality and still looks new after three trips through the washing machine (and hang drying).


Fit: I picked the S/M according to PRO Compression's size chart, but as I mentioned they seemed a little long and maybe big for me and twisted a little as a result. I think if I buy another pair I might follow PRO Compression's suggestion to size down for a tighter fit.
Length: I'm not sure if this was a mental thing, but I kind of felt like having compression on the lower half of my legs pushed all the swelling to the top of my legs and made them feel worse. And my quads, glutes, and hamstrings tend to get much more sore than my calves after most activity. So for recovery, I think what I really need may be compression tights. Or a full body compression suit :)

Bottom Line

These socks are made of high quality material and are very comfortable. The fit didn't quite work out for me, so I think if I buy another pair I'd probably go for the calf sleeves instead of another pair of socks to address that. The socks also weren't ideal for volleyball so I'm not sure I would recommend them for sports other than running. But if you are a serious runner, or a casual runner that suffers from shin splints, then I would highly recommend giving them a try.

Q: Have you ever tried compression socks? Whats your favorite brand?

Disclosure: I received these socks in a FitFlutential giveaway sponsored by PRO Compression. I'm not affiliated with PRO Compression, wasn't compensated for this post, and none of the links are affiliate links. PRO Compression doesn't know me from Adam. Or whatever the female version of knowing someone from Adam is.


  1. I am a runner & I've often wondered about compression socks. So far, I only run about 3.25 miles 3x weekly, so I just don't feel I need them yet. Interesting to hear your take. Happy SITS day!

    1. I just ran my longest race very at 10 miles and the compression socks were super awesome after! I wore them out dancing under my boots and I swear they kept me going :)

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