Saturday, April 5, 2014

(Virtual) Coffee Date

Hey guys! Wanna meet for a coffee date? Well, a virtual coffee date. I mean, I'll drink real coffee and you'll drink whatever you like while you read this and I pretend I have friends I'm talking to instead of typing on my phone at this coffee shop.

In case that super clear explanation didn't make sense, the virtual coffee date is a blog post that all the cool kids bloggers are doing. It's basically a chance to share a bunch of small life updates, just like if you were having coffee with a good friend. And today's coffee date is extra amazing because it's part of The Ultimate Coffee Date Link-Up hosted by Jill Conyers, Nikki at Grab Your Kicks and Lynda at fitnessmomwinecountrySo let's get this party started!

If we were having coffee today I'd tell you...To tell me about your life while I scarf down this giant Bagel w/ Eggs Ranchero from Jack's Bistro & Famous Bagels because I'm really hungry. This would not surprise you because I am always hungry.

Then, because you're an awesome friend that cares, you'd probably ask me a lot of questions like:

How's work?

I really like my new job (which is good since I moved 3,000 miles for it) and my coworkers are great. But lately I've been putting in long hours without achieving much. I'm getting frustrated and honestly a little scared. I need at least a small win, badly, and I'm starting to wonder what happens if I don't achieve all the things I'm supposed to by the end of the year. I know I just have to keep plugging away and doing my best, but it's hard sometimes.

How's your new place?

My new housemates are awesome, and I love that there are 4 of them! I was worried it might be hard living with so many people, but I really like always having someone to talk to and I still get plenty of alone time. I also kind of live on the wrong side of town, which I didn't know before moving. But, as you can see, we have a great view, pretty flowering and fruit trees in the yard, and I've never felt unsafe. So far so good.

Have you made any new friends?

I'm really lucky that I live with 4 super cool girls, but I haven't really made friends that don't kind of have to hang out with me because we live in the same house. I know I just need to keep showing up to things and meeting people. But by the time I finish working, working out and blogging, all I really all I want to do is curl up in bed with a book or Netflix. 

How is the whole long distance relationship thing going? When is the bf moving out there?

Everyone keeps asking me this and it's my least favorite "getting to know you" question. Being in a bi-costal relationship is hard. We've been doing a good job of staying in touch and seeing each other almost every month, but it just isn't the same. As for when/if the bf is moving, I just don't know how to answer that. He really likes his job and needs to find a job here he loves as much as I love mine. How can I be mad at that when I'm the one that left for a job in the first place? We're just trying to take it one day at a time, so there isn't much to say and I don't really like talking about it.

So what, do you actually LIKE running now?

I definitely don't hate it anymore. The beautiful running scenery helps, and I think we're starting to have a grudging respect for one another. I think it's like one of those old arranged marriages where I'm spending so much time with running that I can't help beginning to kind of like it. And then one day, when we are old and about to part ways, I'll realize I've grown to love it. Cue sappy violin music... 

Thanks so much for joining me for virtual coffee today! I hope you have some to to drink a cup of real coffee (or other adult beverage. It's after noon. I'm not judging) and relax a little this weekend. And don't forget to stop by the link up so you can go on some more great dates. I won't mind. I'm not the jealous type.


  1. What a cool place to work out! I really like my running routes, but I wish they were a bit more scenic sometimes! I'm glad you're liking your job, and I hope you grow to like it even more in the coming weeks!

    1. Thanks! The scenery definitely helps, especially if you a reluctant runner like me :)

  2. I'm happy to hear you are adjusting well to your new job. Don't be hard on yourself - it takes a while to acclimate. You actually did 2 tough things at the same time - started a new job and moved to a new location. Those are in the top 5 of stresses for people (besides a death, a marriage and a new baby). I am sure you are knocking them dead with your contribution on the job. Slow and steady wins the race remember that. I'll only give my opinion on long distance if asked. There ya go. :-) Love the coffee talk.

    1. Thank you so much Diatta! Really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to write such great advice. I can definitely use it!

  3. Amazing scenery! Kinda in a work rut/crisis too right now so I can relate!

    1. Sorry to hear you're going through a rough time and thanks for the support!

  4. Good morning. I'm so happy we could get together and catch up :)

    It sounds like the move is a good thing. Don't hate running anymore? That's a start :) It looks like you have a beautiful place to run.

    I'm looking forward to getting together again :)

    1. Thanks for hosting such an awesome linkup! Loved catching up with everyone. Can't wait until next month :)