Friday, August 1, 2014

July Recap and August Goals

Happy first day of August and happy fiesta! I celebrated by breaking my vegan before 6 streak with an amazing apple strudel from Andersen's Bakery at work. Mmm. 

I'm looking forward to tons of confetti eggs, one of the largest horse parades, Spanish dancing, and whatever else fiesta brings. I'm not so much looking forward to having to practice self control around all the delicious fiesta food and drinking. In case you haven't noticed, this little thing called "moderation" isn't something I'm great at.

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But in an attempt to start the month off on a healthy foot, I'm recapping my July goals and sharing five fitness related goals for August in today's Friday Five Link Up.

July Goal Recap:

1. Hit my Fitbit step goal every week:
Ok so I don't think I technically hit this every week, but I did exceed it for the month!

2. Bike to work at least once a week
When I made my goals I failed to realize just how much trying to exercise before work, get 7 hours of sleep, and bike to work would conflict. Something had to give, so I decided it would be biking.

3. Do two morning workouts a week
It wasn't always pretty, but I did manage to do this.

4. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night 
So close, but still not quite there.

5. Try a fun new fitness class
I actually signed up for one but ended up canceling. Boo. 

Ok so I kind of blew it for July. Definitely need to step it up in August!

August Goals:

1. Do 3 morning workouts a week
I don't exactly like waking up early, but it really helps me avoid avoiding my workout later in the day. We'll see if 3 times a week is a lot harder than 2.

2. Do 2 days of strength training a week
I've been doing a lot of 6 AM yoga, but even though it makes my non-yogi muscles super sore I know it doesn't really count as strength training. So I need to make sure to get 2 good lifts in too.

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3. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night 
I know this totally conflicts with #1 above, but I can totally do both. Especially if I sacrifice a little HBO GO or Netflix time.

4. Hit my Fitbit step goal every week
It's definitely a lot harder to get as much walking in here than back in DC, so I need to make sure to keep up the effort.

5. Try a new fitness class
Santa Barbara is kind of a small town but I KNOW there's great classes I haven't explored yet.

Q: What are you planning for this month? Any tips for a first time fiesta-goer? 


  1. we need to connect when I get to Santa Barbara!! I'll have a rental car to get to and fro :)

    1. So exciting! Shoot me an email when you have your dates eathardworkhard AT :)

  2. I love that picture of the cat wondering who Moderation is! Thanks for the laugh.

  3. i love / hate waking up early to work out. i love getting it done but some days i do long to sleep more.

  4. Ooooh Fiesta sounds fun!! Your pics have been great so far. I really should start working out in the morning, I wake up at 5am, but sit in bed and read before work haha.

    1. Thanks Jenny! I can't believe you are up at 5 AM to read! I love reading, but it's not enough to get my butt out of bed in the morning lol. You totally could do morning workouts :)