Friday, December 13, 2013


This has been a pretty busy and stressful week with cross country travel, holiday parties, work and some big life decisions. Times like these always make me think about balance--between work and personal life, health and indulgence, working toward future goals and enjoying the moment.

Balance, both literally and figuratively has always been something I've struggled with. I'm terrible at yoga because of my lack of flexibility and tendency to fall over but also because I'm not good at relaxing, getting in touch with my body, finding my center, etc. And not being good at stopping and listening to my heart makes it hard to figure out what's really important to me, which leaves me wanting to do ALL THE THINGS.

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 I've been doing the daily #happyhealthyyogis challenge pose on Instagram and I took my first real life yoga class last week. I've also been setting monthly goals on the blog and am trying to use this blog to reflect more on those goals and life in general. But some days/weeks it is definitely still hard for me and I am trying to cut myself some slack. Hence today's short "musing" post instead of a recipe or review with tons of pics :)

Q: How do you maintain balance?