Monday, December 9, 2013

December Goals/November Recap

I'm traveling for a couple days and so am not meal prepping today. If you're in need of some meal prep ideas, check out my previous meal prep posts here.

Since we are already one week into December (how the heck did that happen!?) I thought I'd give you an overview of how I did on my November goals and share my December goals.

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November Goals:

Try a new workout/fitness class 
I tried a fun new ropes course at Terrapin Adventures

Run a race 
Finished this one day late, on December first when I ran the Run for the Wounded Warriors 5K aka the race where I got lost in the woods.
Clean out closet 
Move living room furniture
Gah still haven't done this. 
Do a new couples activity/outing 
Organize a girls night/day out 
Organized one but it fell through. Need to see my friends more.

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□ Have lunch with a friend 
□ Phone a friend or family member 
□ Create a new recipe
I think this pumpkin bread baked oatmeal might be my favorite!

□ Write a personal blog post 

Overall I did ok at finishing my November goals, although I must admit there was a lot of rushing to fit things in at the end :) Here are my goals for next month:

December Goals:

Try a new workout/fitness class
Try a new running path
Take clothes from cleaned out closet to Goodwill
Move living room furniture! 
Clean out medicine cabinet/under-sink storage
Have lunch with a friend 
Visit a friend I haven't seen in awhile
Call family/friends to chat
Post on the blog 4-5 times a week
Try a new blog post format

In addition to my December goals, I'm also participating in the last two weeks of Elf for Health. The first two were really fun and I am so happy to have two more weeks of heathy living motivation and support during this busy holiday season!

Q: What are some of your goals? How often do you set them?


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