Friday, January 17, 2014

Five Things I'll Miss About DC

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It's my LAST FRIDAY in DC! Right now pretty much everything is the last something in DC, so I'm feeling the urge to make everything big and momentous. Feels like senior year of college or something :) 

Preparations are slowly but steadily moving forward. I've added 3 trash bags of clothes to one box, got my car serviced, and bought a bunch of healthy road trip snacks. Have snacks will travel! 

To commemorate the last Friday before my big move, I'm joining the DC Trifecta Friday Five and Fitting it All In's Five Things Friday Link Ups with five thing's I'll miss about living in the DMV.

1. Museums and Monuments

DC has a a TON of museums and monuments, and most of them are FREE. Free culture is awesome! Yes they can be crowded with tourists and, like most people who live here I didn't go down to see them as often as I could have. But I'll definitely miss able to run past the Washington monument or visit the latest baby panda cub whenever I want.

2. Cultural Diversity

People from all over the country and the world settle in the DC area. Not only does this mean a lot of interesting conversations, it also means a wide variety of awesome restaurants. You might have to head out to the suburbs to find the best and most authentic meals, but almost any cuisine you could possibly think of is a metro or quick car ride away. The DMV also has an awesome variety of neighborhoods, from hipster mecca H-street to historic capital hill to awesome, accessible and affordable Arlington where I've lived for the past 3-4 years.  

3. Snow Days

DC weather is nothing to write home about and Santa Barbara weather sounds amazing (high of 79 today!), but I will miss our four distinct seasons, especially snow. Snow will still be a car ride into the hills away in Santa Barbara, but I'll miss having grown up snow days off work when the DMV's south-of-the-Mason-Dixon-line snow clearing services are paralyzed by 2 inches of snow or "wintry mix".

3. The Metro

Call me crazy but I'm really going to miss the metro. Yes it's constantly running late, stops running super early, has seldom-working elevators and escalators, and goes way less places than NY's subway. But it is comparatively clean and safe, and moving from a city with a subway system to one without definitely makes me appreciate it more.

5. Family and Friends

Of course, the thing I'll miss most about living in the DC area is all my family and friends. I grew up in a Maryland suburb and have been living in DC and Arlington since I came back from my grad program in China 5 years ago. I know we WILL keep in touch, but I'll miss being so close to all my family and the awesome friends I have here (not to mention the bf), the most. Ahh ok tearing up, must stop now.

Q: What do you love most about your city?


  1. Ahh I was so sad for you having to leave the fabulous DC area. But then I when I read you were moving to Santa Barbara I thought "You are one lucky gal". Enjoy your move!

    1. Thanks so much!,Definitely bittersweet but I'm hoping I'll love it in the end :)

  2. I love Santa Barbara, enjoy! I live outside Boston and lived in the city for years, I love the energy of the city and the gorgeous spring and fall seasons.

    1. Ooh that's good to hear! I love Boston too, such a great vibe!

  3. I have never been to Santa Barbara, but I everyone I know who has been there says its great! I am sure you will love it and find so many things to do there!

    I live on Long Island (and always have) so I'm pretty attached to everything here (mostly family). I also love that we really have it all (there's so much within a short distance - NYC, beaches, etc - even if I don't take advantage of it enough!)

    Enjoy your new city!!!

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer! A bunch of my college friends are from Long Island. It's great!

  4. Stopping by from your SITS Tribe! I'm originally from DC so it was nice reading your post. I live in warm weather, and I definitely miss the four seasons. Just be sure to visit during the fall and/or winter so you can get your fill every once in a while. That's what we do, and it's perfect. We get to wear our sweaters and boots, but get to leave when the cold becomes uncomfortable;) I hope you enjoy your new city though, I'm sure it will be quite the adventure!

    1. Thanks Bre! Great idea about visiting in the fall and winter. Will definitely remind me of why I shouldn't miss DC winters too much :)