Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Workout Wednesday - Free Dumbbell Strength Routines

Hey all! As you may know if you follow me on Instagram (shameless follow-me-plug: @eathard_workhard), I bought this adjustable dumbbell set last week.

It was only $29.97 with free shipping after I bought an additional $20 worth of stuff to get to Walmart's $50 shipping minimum (like that was hard). It isn't as fancy as some sets I've seen (this one used in Fitness Blender videos look amazing) and changing the weight is a bit of a pain with the spin collars, but it was CHEAP. Can't have champagne taste on a beer budget. Well I guess that depends how much beer we're talking about...

I'd been seriously slacking on strength training since I decided to be a runner this year. But a fortuitous (ok that may be pushing it, Pollyanna) ankle injury last week got me back into it when running was off the table. So, in honor of my new dumbbell set and Workout Wednesday, I'm sharing a few of my favorite free dumbbell strength routines. 

LivestrongWoman Full-Body Fantastic 5 Workout

With a circuit of five basic moves, a total length of under 15 minutes, and plenty of helpful guidance on form, this workout is great for strength training beginners. It's also a great circuit for lifters of all levels to squeeze in a quick strength session on a busy day.  

Fitness Blender Fat Burning Functional Strength Training Workout

This workout features multi-tasking moves to tone your whole body. And, at just over 30 minutes long, it won't kill your whole night. 

If you have a bit more time to spare or want to take your workout to the gym, this workout from BeFit is a little longer and is helpfully formatted to play well on your phone so you can take it with you.

Purely Twins 20 Minute Time Challenge

This is another quick circuit workout filled with multi-tasking moves. It's done AMRAP style (as many reps as possible) so you can vary the intensity by changing up the weight and speed to get a great workout in at any level in only 20 minutes.

If you just can't resist getting a little bit of cardio in with your strength training, this workout includes a bunch of two-in-one moves that work multiple muscle groups done at a fast race to keep your heart rate up.

Q: Made any fitness purchases lately? Do you splurge on fitness equipment or do you stick to the cheap stuff like your truly?


  1. The weights were only $30??! I've been putting off the dumbell workout because I thought it would cost so much $ to buy them and/or join a gym! Yayy!

  2. I go for the cheap yet effective. I have those exact weights and they work JUST FINE!! The collar can be a bit of a pain because sometimes it loosens up but for the most part - it is a winner and a keeper. I still pay for my personal trainer but now we do group sessions at $8 a pop which is much better than $40!!!! So I am cheap but still look for quality and you can get it. Thanks for stopping by WOW Link Up!

    1. Love it! Cheap but effective is my mantra too :)

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