Monday, March 3, 2014

Hello from India!

I didn't meal prep this week because I was traveling to India all weekend, but you can see my previous meal preps here if you need some ideas. In fact, because of the time changes and some fancy math I can't explain, I managed to time travel and miss Sunday all together!

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I did prep (and by prep I mean buy and then pack) a lot of healthy travel snacks. With a 2 hour bus ride to LAX, 15 hour flight to Dubai, and 3 hour flight to Mumbai, I made sure to take all the snacks I could carry.

I drank that whole coconut water and the green juice before I even got to the airport in an attempt to hydrate myself before the flight, but I still blew through my 1 liter bottle of water in a few hours and was dying between beverage services. I drink like a camel. Except that then I'd be able to store liquid and not drink for days. At least I think that's what they do. Not a camel expert.

But back to food. I got to my hotel around 4 AM, went to sleep around 5:30, and woke up at 10:00 to make it down in time for the awe-inspiring hotel breakfast buffet. I blame the lack of sleep and overwhelming amount of options for what happened next. Note the aspirational egg white omelette I ordered before I decided to eat ALL THE THINGS.

I'll end my food coma/jet lag induced ramblings here and head off to either A) take a nap or B) drink copious amounts of Nescafé before my afternoon meeting. 

Q: Any votes for option A vs option B? Know any better figures of speech for people who need to drink a lot? Or any camel jokes?

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