Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend Highlights - Back in DC!

Happy almost beginning of the week! I'm a little very late posting this weekend recap because I took a long weekend to go back to DC to see the bf and attend my friend's baby shower. And because I wanted to keep my baby shower attendance a surprise, I had to avoid talking about my trip and stay off social media until after Sunday. Oh the horror!

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I spent most of my trip eating delicious things that I can't get in Santa Barbara. Which, coincidentally, happened to mean a lot of noodle soup. Including an amazing homemade bowl courtesy of the bf! (bottom right)

Between all the eating and catching up, I managed to fit in a PDR-setting 6 mi trail run on Saturday in line with my 10 mile training schedule. It was great to be back on familiar trails, although I had to create a new route to get in the extra mileage. Typically, I ended up taking a wrong turn somewhere and turning my 6 mile loop into a 7 mile out and back, so I walked the extra mile. No biggie. Definitely not as bad as the last time I got lost in the woods.

On Sunday, I spent most of the day at a baby shower for my bff Sun from rustyfarmhouse. She looked beautiful and it was so great to surprise her and share the day with her. Plus they had tasty gluten free cupcakes!

The bf took the day off Monday so we could spend more time together. I originally planned to do a cute day walking around the mall downtown and museum hopping. But that plan got way less cute when the temperatures got below 40 degrees. Not used to these crazy DC winters any more!

We still went downtown, but only hit up the National Gallery of Art, which is a good choice since there is a ton to see without having to venture back out into the cold. We spent our time walking through the classical sculpture galleries (my fav!) and visiting a huge temporary photography exhibition showcasing the work of Garry Winogrand, an American photographer active from the 1950s to 1980s. The exhibit is open until June, and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the DC area.

After the museum, we hopping back on the metro to check out the new Bluejacket brewery and tavern over by Nationals Stadium for a little beer tasting and late lunch. The food was delicious, all the beers we tried were great, and they do 4 oz tasting pours so you can try more of them! The only downside is that it's a little out of the way in Southeast, but I'd highly recommend it for a pre or post baseball game visit.

Ironically, although I managed to get out of Dulles on time this morning despite snow coming down, I'm stuck at San Francisco right now waiting for my plane to Santa Barbara to get here. Boo. Here's hoping I get home in time for a run!

Q: What did you get up to this weekend? Can you even remember that far back?


  1. The food looks yummy (as always). Thanks for introducing Bluejacket, a reminder than I need to check out the Navy Yard area. Hmm.... this past weekend I tried an Izakaya restaurant in my neighborhood and took a rest from running.

    1. Glad the post was useful! Yea Navy Yard is so out of the way but I like all the new development going on over there. Yum I love Izakaya! Which one did you go to?

  2. oh man, reading this post makes me want bubble tea extremely badly. but it's 5 am... :) andddddd - thank you for coming to the shower!!! it was the best surprise ever!!! <3 <3

    1. Haha but you're pregnant! Should have made Clint find you some! It was so good to see you bff! Can't wait to meet Walden!!