Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday - India Edition

I'm still in India for a couple more days. I haven't been able to run since the fitness center listed online at my second hotel is "under construction"/a figment of the management's imagination. On the plus side, there is a ridiculous amount of floor space and a giant mirror in my room, which makes hotel room workouts/selfies very convenient. 

Unsurprisingly, the lack of gym hasn't stopped me from eating. Besides the amazing breakfast spread at my first hotel, I've been a little disappointed with the food. Definitely has more to do with the specifics of this trip and not my feelings towards Indian food in general, which I LOVE. I also haven't been eating healthy, which isn't surprising considering my lack of willpower when surrounded by rice and fried bread. Anyways, here's a look at what I've been eating in India.


The hotel breakfast during my first week in Mumbai was AMAZING and it was really hard not to eat to the point of feeling sick. I mostly tried to stick with one Indian fried bread thing like a dosa, stuffed paratha, or uttapam along with a bunch of fresh fruit and some yogurt to avoid over indulging, but I wasn't always successful.

My current hotel's breakfast spread is much more limited and much more fried carb heavy. They do have eggs to order though, so I've been getting a veggie omelette and pairing it with whatever vegetables, fruit, and yogurt is on the buffet. Oh and sprouted lentils are really common here so I've also been eating a bunch of those for some extra protein, which is fun.


I had excellent salads for lunch a couple times at my first hotel in Mumbai, which were definitely my healthiest meals of the trip. Probably the best lunch I ate was the unassuming idli (small pressed lentil and rice flour cakes) dish on on the top right that I got from a food court. It was coated in tons of super spicy and flavorful green curry sauce, but the fact that I was eating it for lunch at 4:30 pm also probably contributed to it's deliciousness. I've been eating cafeteria food for the past couple days, which I didn't manage to get a picture of, but it wasn't too easy on the eyes or the stomach so you aren't missing much.


I did try to eat healthy food for dinner, but besides getting a salad at the hotel in Mumbai I mostly failed. Exhibit A: the goan fish curry top center I was recommended when I wanted a light fish and vegetable dish. The curry was quite good, and the fish in it wasn't bad, but there wasn't a vegetable in sight. Exhibit B on the top right is what happened when I tried to order the Chinese chicken noodle soup and a veggie spring roll for room service. I ended up with fried chicken noodles and a LOT of spring rolls. Not bad, but not exactly the light meal I was imagining. And I did get Pizza Hut once, which I'm not proud of, but because it isn't safe to go out at night it was my only option besides the hotel restaurant. And hey, there are lots of veggies on that pizza. And a stuffed cheese crust...  

Q: What have you been eating lately? Have any funny food ordering mishaps?


  1. SO jealous of you!! I'm surprised how good all that food looks, when I saw you were going to India I was like "count me out I hate Indian food" but everything you've posted has looked great!

  2. The food looks really good! I have been craving Indian lately since my friends' wedding last weekend. Very hard to find something healthy, but the salads look really good!

  3. I've never actually had Indian food, but everything you have been posting looks so good. I should probably try it one day :)

  4. This week I was not the healthiest eater... pizza, thai food, and ube ice cream! Oh well....I'll run it off this weekend :D