Friday, October 31, 2014

October Recap and November Goals

WOOHOO! After 3 long weeks away, I'm finally on my way back to the US! Plus, I'm stopping through DC for a little much needed R&R and some quality time with the bf. Even better than giant plates of smoked meat!

Since it's the last Friday of October, I'm sharing how I did on my October goals and setting five goals for this month as usual on the Friday Five Link Up

Oh and the check-in people had witches hats on, so I guess it's also Halloween! Kind of missed the whole lead up here in Asia so I don't have a festive theme post or anything like that. But yay go eat some candy and pumpkin flavored things! Anyhoo...

October Goals:

1. Workout at least 4 days a week during my trip
Smashed this with 16 workouts in 21 days, despite one still-not-built yet hotel gym.

2. Eat delicious food in moderation
I definitely did the first part though. Partial credit? 

3. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night 
Ok so my average was technically juuust shy of this magic number. But if you take out the 3-4 nights when I only slept 4-5 hours because of crazy early morning flights, I definitely hit this mark most of the time. 

4. Blog at least twice a week
Nailed it, thanks to some awesome guest posts. Thanks so much for all the awesome content guys!

5. Make time for fun
Still didn't get out a TON but I did do a little Jakarta sightseeing, and even took a (terrifying) carriage ride around Monas. And if wading through a sea of whizzing motorbikes and taxis in a tiny horse drawn vehicle isn't fun, then I don't know what is!

November Goals

1. Cook at least one new recipe
Since I've been gone so much lately, it's been ages since I cooked anything new. Got to get back in that kitchen!

2. Lift weights 3 times a week
I started following this strength training plan and advice on sticking with it from Greatist and I've really liked how it feels to have a consistent lifting program again. Going to keep it up at least 3 times a week.

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3. Do 3 morning workouts a week
Still not a morning person but this is going to be more important than ever with it turning into fall and the days getting shorter while I was gone. 

4. Enjoy Santa Barbara
It's almost 9 months after my move! But, since I've spent a lot of that time traveling, I still feel pretty new in town. Have to spend more time exploring, settling in, and and enjoying everything the city has to offer.

5. Take some down time
In a frantic last-minute rush to do ALL THE THINGS, I played in a volleyball tournament, ran a race, visited friends out of town, or all three four weekends in a row before my trip. Some lazy weekends spent with reality TV, books, or nature are definitely in order.

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Q: Any big plans this month? Or big plans to do nothing? 


  1. Nice job Amanda!! Especially since you were abroad. I look forward to see what you have in store recipe wise! Plus you need to check out all the holiday goodies at TJs :) I know I am up REAL early ET, but headed to Union Station soon. Have a great time in DC!

    1. Thanks Jenny! Oh yes looking forward to TJs! Good luck in NY you are amazing!!

  2. Good job on reaching your October goal. Goodluck reaching your November ones! -L

  3. Welcome back! have fun in DC it's going to be chilly here this weekend

    1. Thanks Deborah! I know it's freezing! Wearing the bf's coat right now lol.

  4. Nice jobs on your goals and welcome back! I hope you get all the relaxation you need! And thanks again for the opportunity to guest post for you!

    1. Thanks Janelle and thanks for the post! It was great to have you!

  5. Great job on the goals! I hope you enjoy the time in DC :)

  6. Great work on your goals! Enjoy DC! How long are you here for? We still never got that coffee!!

    1. Ahh I know! Just the weekend, but I'm sure I'll be back for longer soon!

  7. Come visit LA! I will welcome you with open arms :)